Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Favorite Fictional Character --- Year End Recap

This was the year where I almost decided to make this a monthly feature, instead of a weekly one.  It was also the year where I tried out theme months, which I think for the most part, worked out pretty well.  It was the year, that for the first time, I reposted a few of them.  I only did it when I was sick or just too damn tired to get one written up.  And it was also the year I invited other bloggers to share their favorite characters.  That is a decision that will spill over into next year as well.

I'm almost always afraid that I'm going to run out of characters to feature, though if I haven't done so after two and a half years, I don't think that is going to happen.  I'm also, when I'm picking the character to feature, worried that you guys won't find them as interesting as I do.  I have noticed that some characters get more love than others, but I have decided to not let that influence my decision making in the future.  Whether a character get none, one or 20 comments, they all deserve the recognition.  I'm really looking forward to the new year and all the characters that are going to get their day in the sun.

January was the first of my theme months, I chose to recognize some of my favorite characters from 1980s sitcoms.

February I had decided to go with some of my favorite cartoon characters.

March was the month I shared some of my favorite muppet/puppet characters.

April I was planning on sharing some of my favorite female characters from fantasy books.  I did share three of them, the four post of the month was my first repost.

May focused on a set of characters that were part of my favorite TV show of all time, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and it's spin off, Angel.

June's theme was inspired by a short twitter conversation about who our favorite bears were.

July was the first month that featured guest posts by some of my favorite bloggers: Yvette of in so many words..., Stephanie of Misfit Salon, Michelle of The True Book Addict, and Melissa of My words and pages.

August continued the sharing theme: Simcha of SFF Chat, Deb of Book Magic, Cecelia of Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia, Staci of Life In The Thumb, and Sheila of Book Journey.

September saw one of my favorite soap operas, All My Children, go off the air.  So I wanted to feature some of my favorite characters from the show.  I managed to do that for the first three weeks, but ran into a bit of a problem for the final one (couldn't narrow it down) so I went with something completely different.

October was, per usual, all about Halloween and the characters that I love during that particular time of year.  The month started off with a repost.

Michael Meyers (repost)

November was a rough month for me.  There was no theme and only two of the four posts were brand new,  the other two were reposts.

December was all about Christmas.  I mean, who doesn't love great Christmas characters.

If anyone is interested in checking out even more of my Favorite Fictional Characters, please visit the entire list.


Staci said...

I like this feature on your blog. Sometimes, I find that I'm not familiar with a few of them but I still enjoy reading why you like them!!

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

It's so great that you've stuck with this. Here's to another great year of FFC! I'd love to guest again in the new year. =O)

Anonymous said...

You have some great characters there Ryan, all over the map too which is nice.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Such great characters. Love that the Grinch made it since my mom kept calling me that this year. I wouldn't tell her what I wanted.. LOL

Thanks for the Christmas wishes. I was MIA for a bit in bloggy land. :) So, I hope your Christmas was rockin' and I hope your new year is one of the best yet!

Happy New Year!

Alexia561 said...

Think that the themes worked out really well this year, and I enjoyed the guest posts too! I'm not always familiar with some of the characters you feature, but I love reading about why you love them! :)