Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Favorite Fictional Character --- Scarecrow and Mrs. King

Once again I'm cheating a little bit and picking two characters at the same time. There is no way you can separate the two though. Scarecrow and Mrs. King are a team and teams stick together even in blog posts.

Now for those of you who don't know who they are and I'm assuming most of you don't, Scarecrow and Mrs. King were the funnest espionage agents in the late 1980s.

Scarecrow and Mrs. King was the name of a TV show that was on from 1983 to 1987 and I devoured every single episode of it. Back then I watched it for the action. Later on in life, when I caught it in reruns, I watched it because of the two main characters. Their chemistry together was a sight to behold.

Scarecrow was the code name for Lee Stetson, played by the very boyish but suave Bruce Boxleitner. In the pilot episode he is trying to escape a passenger train with a package and ends up handing it off to Amanda King, played by the beautiful Kate Jackson. Amanda is a simple divorced housewife and mother of two children who happened to be in the "right" place at the right time. He convinces her to take the package and deliver it to an "add" agency. When she arrives there she is quickly brought into a world of cold war espionage that mainly centered around Soviet agents.

At first Amanda is simply a civilian helper who from time to time assists Lee in assignments, but as she gets more involved she becomes a full fledged agent and Lee's equal.

Now the chemistry between the two is apparent to everyone but maybe themselves but by the end up the show they are happily married but nobody knows about it. Not the agency and not her family, they are introduced to him as Amanda's boyfriend. The love and affection they felt for each other never got in the way of the mission and in my opinion helped them out of some tight spots.

I loved this show and miss it dearly. It had everything a good TV show in the 80s needed. Action, danger, humour, and above all else two characters that could draw you into their lives and make you care about them. I wish there were more shows like this on today.


Elena said...

I was clearly born in the wrong decade. Not familiar with this one but it looks funny :)

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Ha, ha, ha. I can not believe you are featuring this!!! I LOVED (and emphisis LOVED) this show. I had to watch it every week when it was on. I even still think about it now from time to time. Some people think I am crazy when I talk about it because no one remembers it.

The one episode I remember was about the hairdryers. When the hairdryer was being used to eliminate high level people.

You are so right. They really had a great chemistry between the 2 actors on the screen. I have never been able to find reruns or anything after the show went off the air.

Why don't they have great shows like this anymore? We need more shows like this back on the tv.

I do have to say I loved this show! Did I mention that before? (lol)

Krista said...

Great FF! Though, your right, and I have no idea who they are LOL! I guess that's why you call me Kiddo LOL! Another great post from the all mighty blogger, Ryan! Keep'em comin!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember them, all right! That was a good show. I already knew Kate Jackson from Charlie's Angels, and Boxleitner was a new hunk to me.

Another good one from that era, also with great chemistry, was Hart to Hart.

"Dame Dulcinea"

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Oh yeah, Hart to Hart. I had forgot that one till you mentioned it "Dame Dulcinea". That too was a great show.

Lady MelHay at your service (Curtsying):)

Anonymous said...

I always liked that one show, too. They were a great couple.

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Ryan, I also want to let you know there is an award for you over on my blog.


bookmagic said...

OMG, I haven't thought about this in years! I used to watch this with my parents. I was great, I might look for it on Netflix

Ryan said...

Elena, you are never to young to appreciate greatness :-)

Melissa, I'm so glad I'm not the only freak who loved this show. Thanks for the award :-)

Krista, I call anyone I like kiddo, even my grandma!

Dulcinea, thanks so much for comming by and Hart to Hart was a good one as well.

Carol, they were a fantastic couple and thanks so much for comming by

Deb, if you find it on netflix let me know I may have to get it.

Alexia561 said...

I remember this show! Wow, hadn't thought of it in years. Was also a loyal viewer of Magnum P.I. and Hart to Hart. Of course, I was a mere child of...um...would you believe two months old? *L*

Ryan said...

Alexia, LOL...thanks for giving me a chuckle!

Krista said...

Ryan, you have been tagged!

Lisa said...

I love this show and had such a crush on Boxleitner!

Ryan said...

Lit and Life, he was crushable

Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

I loved Scarecrow and Mrs. King. 80s shows rocked. I especially miss Riptide....remember that?
(sigh) good times.

Love your blog. Check mine out too!
Michelle (Red Headed Book Child)

Ryan said...

Michelle, Thank, thank, thank you for stopping by and I will definetly check out your blog. Riptide was Awesome, but I also loved Remington Steele

Froggy said...

wow..another blast from the past! I use to watch this with my parents too...have you done hot lips and the gang yet..hehe..mash rocks!

Ryan said...

Froggy, thanks for coming by and the suggestion!

La Coccinelle said...

I know I used to watch this, but I can't really remember anything specific. I was just a kid!