Friday, September 25, 2009

The Agatha Christie Challenge --- The Man in the Brown Suit

This book was the 5th in my journey of Agatha Christie's books and by far the most enjoyable so far. I had read this book years ago, which was enough time for me to forget how like able the main character is.

Anne Beddingfeld is the type of character you long for in a good mystery. She is fearless in action, quick on the uptake, and a hopeless romantic. She is the daughter of a famous anthropologist who specialized in studying the primitive man and when he passes away she is at an impasse in her life. All she knows is that she wants to have adventures and she feels the place to start is is London. When the opportunity presents itself to move there, she jumps on it without a moments hesitation. That willingness to "just go" is what drives this entire book.

From the streets of London where she witnesses an untimely death to South Africa where everything comes to a head, Anne's drive to be the thick of things is what makes her so lovable. This is a grand adventure filled with suspense, laughter, love, and even a likable villain. I'm not sure if we will see Anne Beddingfeld again but I sure hope so.

Synopsis From Back Cover:

How odd, Ann Beddingfeld thought, that the stranger caught her eye, recoiled in horror, and fell to his death on the rails of Hyde Park Underground Station. Odder still was a doctor in a brown suit who pronounced him dead and vanished into the crowd. But what really aroused Anne's suspicion was when she learned of the doctor's link to the murder of a famous ballerina, a fortune in hidden diamonds, and a crime-lord embroiled in blackmail. And most frightening of all was the attempt made on Anne's own life. But she is unable to resist the lure of an isolated mansion that could hold the solution to a bizarre mystery-eve if she becomes it's next victim.

Reading this book I came to realize I'm probably not going to get through all of Agatha Christie's books in a year, like I originally planned. I think that will be OK though. I'm having a great time with it and if it lasts longer that I thought it would that just means I get to have fun for that much longer.


Literary Feline said...

Anne Beddingfeld sounds like my kind of heroine. I came into a bag full of Agatha Christie novels that someone was getting rid of awhile ago and need to dive into them. She was one of my favorite mystery writers when I was a young adult and the one novel I read of hers more recently still knocked my socks off. Or would have if I'd been wearing any. :-)

Peter S. said...

Hi, Ryan! I love Agatha Christie! I even had an Agatha Christie phase when I was growing up. My favorite sleuth is not Ms. Marple nor Poirot tough, but those two elderly husband and wife team featured in By the Pricking of My Thumbs.

Ryan said...

LF, Anne is a lot of fun and probably my favortie "detective" of Agatha. Alas I don't think she makes another appearance.

Peter, If you are talking about Tommy and Tuppence I agree that they are a lot of fun.

Kerrie said...

Hello Ryan
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Becke Davis said...

Ryan - I loved this book, too. Today, it reads like a period piece. I wonder if it felt modern when it was first published? Anne is a great character, and I agree with you -- I would have loved to read more books with her as the starring character.

I don't think it matters if you read all the books in one year. There are a LOT of them. Besides, this way you can prolong your enjoyment! I envy you the fun of discovering all these books -- I read them all so long ago, but by this time I've RE-read them all many times, too. I don't love every one of them -- a few I didn't like much at all -- but most are so good, they will always be my favorite comfort reads!