Thursday, March 28, 2013

What I Did Over My Weekend: Village Flea Market

Since I didn't take a new picture of the Village Flea Market, I used the one I took when I posted about my trip back in June.  I never go there to spend a lot of money, it's more about looking around and watching people.  Flea markets seem to be a great equalizer, even more than Wal-Mart.  You can, and will, see people from all walks of life, perusing the tables and booths.  They pick over what others deemed to be worthless or unwanted.  They bargain and haggle, and it's always fun to watch.  Regardless of how much money someone has on them, they never want to pay the ticket price.  It's all about getting a $5 item for less than $3.  And sometimes, but not very often, it's about finding an item that is worth way more than the sticker price.  It's that search for hidden treasure that appeals to almost everyone who heads to a flea market or antique fair.

I managed to take a few random pictures of things that, for whatever reason, caught my eye.

You got to love the warriors fighting over the woman who has her back turned.

Am I the only one that's a little creeped out by the blank stare?

Can anything else fit into this corner?

I really, really want to see this Justin Bieber lamp in someones house.

You got to love these boots.

Can't they put expressions onto a mannequin's face?  The blank stare is creepy once again.

My mom actually bought one of these painted skulls the last time she was in town, except hers has a wolf on it.  You too can have one for $93.
I actually did manage to buy a few things, most of them were comic books, but I did find this album.  I never knew they did a musical version of War of the Worlds, nor that Richard Burton would be in it.  I can't wait until I have the time to listen to this, and I got it for $2.  I hope it's worth it.


bermudaonion said...

You left the Justin Bieber lamp behind? lol

Man of la Book said...

Cool stuff Ryan, I love the local flea market as well even though I have to say, there aren't many "great" deals there.

I do scour local Goodwill stores for deal - found a beer much for $7 and sold it for $420 (that's my greatest success story in that department).

carol said...

We have a flea market that runs every weekend. We go occasionally, but I never find much.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Not gonna see that lamp in my house. LOL

My adopted granny (family adopted her) used to take me to these things and she had a knack for finding treasures. Too bad it didn't rub off on me. :)

Teddyree said...

I love flea markets, I usually manage to pick up a pretty tea cup set for my collection. I also love just sitting in the mall watching people. Love the boots, and don't love the blank stares but I think the skull is even creepier lol

Becca said...

If I ever see a Justin Beiber lamp in someone's house, I will immediately turn on my heel and leave. Just sayin'.

Also, that is a good point about the mannequins. Why can't they have expressions? Why don't they like the clothes they are forced to wear? Is it because runway models are scared of teeth, too?

I love flea markets. I haven't been since early fall. I need to go back. There's always something fun to see.