Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Favorite Fictional Character --- The Herculoids

Time once again for me to talk about some of my favorite cartoon characters, especially as I was growing up.  I remember sitting on my grandmother's living room floor and watching Cartoon Express on USA Network.  The Herculoids were always one of those cartoons that I watched.

The Herculoids were a group of super heroes that lived on the planet of Quasar.  King Zandor of Azmot seemed to be the sole defender of the planet from any threat whether interstellar or from home.  He is assisted by his wife, Tara, and his son, Dorno.  They are all in peak physical condition and are proficient with the energy slingshot.

They are assisted in their defense of the planet by five native, intelligent animals.  Zok, who was my favorite as a kid, was a Space Dragon who was able to leave the planet and fly out into space.  He shoots energy beams out of his eyes and tail.  Those eyes also produced nega beams which disrupted other types of energy sources.  I always wanted to be the one to ride on his back.

Tundro was the ceratopsian dinosaur that shot energy rocks out of his horn.  Out of all the animals he was the coolest, especially when I was going through my dinosaur phase.  He had ten legs which allowed to go faster than most animals his size and reach greater heights.

Igoo, the rock ape, was the strongest of them all.  Whenever a job called for brute force, Igoo was the man, especially since his body was indestructible.

Gloop and Gleep were the two blobs that were able to take any shape and form miniature versions of themselves.  They came in very handy, especially when a trampoline, catapult, or bridge were needed to save the day.

What I loved about this show, what I think most boys loved about this show, was the action and adventure.  The Herculoids defended their home from tyrants, monsters, and alien lifeforms bent on domination.  They used a combination of intelligence and brawn that appealed to me and for just a few minutes I was able to picture myself fighting along side.


Melissa (My words and pages) said...

You know I don't think I've ever seen this cartoon. I know we watched a lot of them, but this one doesn't look familiar. But looks great from you clip here. :) Oh the good old days. They need to bring some of these back, in the same style they where in back then. :) Thanks for the flashback!

Anonymous said...

From some reason this cartoon never caught my eye. Did you hear they're making a new version of the Thundercats?

Anonymous said...

When I read the title I was thinking "who?" but then I saw the picture. I know I watched this one, although I can't remember much of it. Maybe my brother was more in to it than I was.