Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TV Guide Picks TV's Top 50 Families Of All Time

I'm a TV nut, I can't get enough of my favorite shows.  So like any good TV fantatic I subscribe to TV Guide, the handbook of all things television.  I got next weeks issue in the mail today and the cover story is their ranking of the Top 50 TV families of all time, so I thought I would share who made the list and in the order they were ranked.

1.  The Bradys from "The Brady Bunch"
2.  The Huxtables from "The Cosby Show"
3.  The Bunkers from "All in the Family"
4.  The Simpsons from "The Simpsons"
5.  The Sopranos from "The Sopranos"
6.  The Waltons from "The Waltons"
7.  The Conners from "Roseanne"
8.  The Cleavers from "Leave it to Beaver"
9.  The Ewings from "Dallas"
10.  The Barones from "Everybody Loves Raymond"
11.  The Pritchetts from "Modern Family"
12.  The Clampetts from "The Beverly Hillbillies"
13.  The Cunninghams from "Happy Days"
14.  The Ingallses from "Little House on the Prairie"
15.  The Keatons from "Family Ties"
16.  The Jeffersons from "The Jeffersons"

17.  The Tates and The Campbells from "Soap"
18.  The Taylors from "The Andy Griffith Show"
19.  The Addamses from "The Addams Family"
20.  The Evanses from "Good Times"
21.  The Cartwrights from "Bonanza"

22.  The Bluths from "Arrested Development"
23.  The Lopez' from "George Lopez"
24.  The Flintstones from "The Flintstones"
25.  The Osbournes from "The Osbournes"
26.  The Fishers from "Six Feet Under"
27.  The Camdens from "7th Heaven"
28.  The Arnolds from "The Wonder Years"
29.  The Griffins from "Family Guy"
30.  The Rocks from "Everybody Hates Chris"
31.  Malcom's Family from "Malcom in the Middle"
32.  The Patridges from "The Partridge Family"
33.  The Robinsons from "Lost in Space"
34.  The Taylors from "Friday Night Lights"
35.  The Carringtons from "Dynasty"
36.  The Dubois from "Medium"
37.  The Munsters from "The Munsters"

38.  The Andersons from "Father Knows Best"
39.  The Tanners from "Full House"
40.  The Bradfords from "Eight is Enough"
41.  The Salingers from "Party of Five"
42.  The Seavers from "Growing Pains"
43.  The Davis' from "Family Affair"
44.  The Douglas' from "My Three Sons"
45.  The Gilmores from "The Gilmore Girls"
46.  The Henricksons from "Big Love"
47.  The Hecks from "The Middle"
48.  The Petries from "The Dick Van Dyke Show"
49.  The Walshes from "Beverly Hills, 90210"
50.  The Kardashians from "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"

There is the list and I must say while I'm happy about some of them, The Cartwrights for example, I'm a little dissapointed that two reality show families made the list.  I'm not saying they are "bad" families but this should be about families that aren't using the medium of television to make a buck.  Some of the families I wish would have made the list are The Barkleys from "The Big Valley", The Stephens' from "Bewitched", and The Jestsons from "The Jetsons".

Some other families that I think got left out for some odd reason are; The Bundys from "Married, With Children", The Hogans from "The Hogan Family" the sitcom not the reality show, The Papadopolis' from "Webster", The Drummond/Jacksons from "Diff'rent Strokes", The Tanners from "Alf", The Lawsons from "Small Wonder", The Lamberts from "Step By Step",  and The Taylors from "Home Improvement".

So which of your favorites made the list and which should have made the list?


Simcha said...

Great post. I was actually thinking about the Brady Bunch lately, and I'm glad to see they made the top of the list. I used to love that show as a child. I discovered it shortly after my family moved back to America, while we were going through a difficult time, and I used to sit in front of the TV laughing hysterically at the Brady's antics, with tears running down my face. Though I think the Cleavers and Keatons should have made it higher then The Simpsons.

Bekah said...

I'd definately include "The Matthews" From Boy Meets World. Also I have a hard time believing families that have been on TV less than a season can make an all-time list.

Ryan said...

Simcha, I agree with you. The Simpson while fun and interesting should have been further down the list.

Bekah, I must say I've never watched "Boy Meets World", was the Savage kid in that? I also agree that new shows, this season, shouldn't be on the list.

Staci said...

You really are a t.v. junkie to list the families that didn't make it on. I agree with you about the reality show families...leave them off! I wanted to be an Ingall!!! Love this post!!

Mandi said...

So glad to see the Keatons and The Gilmore's on there :) My favorite show when I was younger was Three's Company..but I guess they weren't really a family..more roommates ;)

Fun article!!

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

Okay, where are the Winchesters from Supernatural? What a dis!

This is a pretty good list, but I agree with you about the reality shows. They shouldn't be on there!

Ryan said...

Staci, Thank you very much. Did you hear that Merlin Olsen who played Jonathan Garvey, recently passed away. He was a good actor and will be missed.

Mandi, Roomates and friends are the family you pick, so maybe we need to come up with our own list.

Michelle, I never thought of the Winchesters, you're right, they should be on there.

Trev said...

I think the Walkers from Brothers and Sisters and Betty's family (is their last nae Suarez?) should have been included!

Heidenkind said...

I always wished I was part of the Addams Family.

bermudaonion said...

Really? The Bradys are first? My dad wouldn't let us watch that - he called it "The Bratty Bunch."

The Cozy Mystery Journal said...

What a great list! I wish there was the Jetsons and the Gellars from Friends. I'm such a Friends addict, I think I've seen every episode 10+ times and I'm surprised they aren't on there.

Anonymous said...

Neat post. I have to say that I hate The Simpsons, though.

Ryan said...

Trev, I think the Walkers would have been a interesting choice.

Tasha, I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

Kathy, I was never a big fan of the show but I enjoyed it when I did see it.

Bella, The Jetsons were way cooler than The Flinstones, even though I loved them as well.

Carol, I'm totally in agreement with you.

Krista said...

Yeah, I love the Supernatural boys!!! They so should have been on here! LOL!

Okay, I 2nd hating the Simpsons! I just don't get why people like it either.

Man, I used to watch Growing Pains all the time when I was a kid! Love that show :)

Thanks for the cool list, Ryan! You reminded me of a lot of good shows I used to watch when I was younger.

Beth said...

I love that the Gilmores made the list! Yea! I loved that show!

And that's so awesome that the Sopranos ranked #5. Too perfect!

Thanks for posting!

Enbrethiliel said...


I wish the family from Who's the Boss? could have received even an honourable mention. Yes, they never formally became a family--and if I recall correctly, Tony Danza argued with the writers that Tony and Angela shouldn't have a wedding because they were practically married already. But all the characters certainly functioned as TV's ideal traditional family would have, and I always loved that about the show.

I also like the Lubbocks from Just the Ten of Us. They should have, I think, placed instead of the Reality TV families.