Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Own Summer Playlist (The Very, Very Short Version)

Terri's guest post she did over some of her favorite summer songs made me think of a few of my own. Now for the most part, they aren't about summer but bring me back to the days of summer's spent on the road, traveling with the carnvial.  Some of my best summer memories involve the midway and a big part of that was the music.  I even saw New Kids on the Block in concert for my 12th birthday.  We were at the state fair in Sedalia, MO.  After the concert, I went for ice cream at a shop two blocks down from the fairgrounds.  I don't remember what I ate, but I know it was good.  If I'm remembering right, it's also the same town I saw "Darkman" in the theater, one of the first movies I saw by myself.  The only other person in this list I saw in concert during my carnival days was Tiffany, though I don't remember where we were at the time.

So enjoy the music and let it bring you back to the days of your summer memories.


christina said...

LOL I absolutely LOVE this freakin' post. So many memories. I will now have "I like the cars...the cars that go boom" playing as background head noise all day.

Also, I have to admit my favorite Tiffany song was Could've Been. Soooo passionate.

The flowers you gave me, are just about to die. When I think about what couldve been, it makes me wanna (start?) to cry...Could've been soooo beautiful, could've been soooo right.

And that's all I got folks without cheating and looking up the lyrics.

Alexia561 said...

Whoa! Never heard 'Cars That Go Boom' before, but it's strangely fascinating. And will probably be stuck in my head the rest of the day too!

Think we have very, very different musical memories Ryan! *L*

Anonymous said...

This is post is scary ... you just brought me back to my teen days. The memories - the clothes, the hairstyles, and of course the music. Actually, those were pretty fun, innocent times for me.

Staci said...

Great pics..but you're making me feel a bit old here!! removing that one blog from your list Chrome allowed me to visit you today!! Yay!!