Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wordsmtihonia Radio: The 80s, Part Deux

I've had had the 80s on the brain lately.  If I'm not listening to music from the 40s and 50s, it's from the 80s.  I'm the same with movies, I tend to like a few decades, and with few exceptions, that's about all I watch.  So today, it's all about the 80s.  My listening has really been all over the place, not really sticking in one genre, rather more of an overall feel of the decade. 

For your listening pleasure, here are a few songs I've been listening to lately.


Becca said...

Tracy Ullman had a song? Who knew?

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

Great choices! My favorites from your list...Don't You Want Me, True, Time after Time, White Horse. I used to really love Sweet Dreams, but it has been played to death. I prefer other Eurythmics songs that didn't get as much radio play, such as Who's That Girl. They were (are) such a great band. I mean Annie Lennox is the bomb! I know you agree. :)

Lisa said...

Gracious - I didn't know Patrick Swazye had made an album! Guess all the music from the 80's wasn't great, after all!