Sunday, June 3, 2012

R.I.P Kathryn Jootsen and Richard Dawson

It's not often that the world of TV looses two of it's cherished members, less than 24 hours apart.  Hence the reason why I'm posting something about both of these individuals at the same time.

Kathryn Jootsen, 1939-2012, didn't start her acting career until she was 42.  She was working as a psychiatric nurse when the acting bug bit her, she threw caution to the wind, and had a wonderfully successful career.  Most of you will know her from her work on The West Wing, which as political as I am, I never watched.  And the rest of you will know her from Desperate Housewives.  In my mind though, she will always be Genevieve Holt.  The twisted director of the Lowell Home For Children who tortured her young charges on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.  Kathryn Jootsen lost her battle to lung cancer, just 20 days after her character on Desperate Housewives lost the same battle.

Richard Dawson, 1932-2012, was an English comedian and actor who didn't come to fame until he starred in Hogan's Heroes, which had to be one of the oddest ideas for a sitcom, ever.  It wasn't until I started watching game shows, especially Family Feud, that I really paid attention to Richard Dawson.  Between his kissing all the female contestants and his ability to not get his ass kicked by the men, he was amazing.  When I started watching reruns of Match Game as an adult, my admiration grew even more.  Richard Dawson lost his battle with esophageal cancer.


Alexia561 said...

Richard Dawson was my favorite character on Hogan's Heroes, probably because of his accent. :)

It's sad that we've lost two truly unique individuals in the span of 24 hours. They will both be missed.

Wrighty said...

What a nice tribute! I only remember Kathryn from Desperate Housewives but she was a great character on that show. I admit I cried at the end of the finale. Rip to each of them.

Staci said...

I never watched West Wing either but now Rob Lowe's tweet about her passing makes sense! And I didnt know that Richard Dawson passed away!! I loved watching him on Family Feud!

Bookfool said...

Cancer is really killing way too many great people.

I loved Richard Dawson in Hogan's Heroes. I must be old. :)