Monday, July 20, 2009

TCM Summer Under The Stars Movie Posters

TCM commissioned 12 new posters for their Summer Under The Stars series. I was impressed by all of them but absolutely loved the one for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde starring Fredric March. These 12 posters give us a good overall view how these classics would be marketed if they came out today.

Check out the other posters and you will be blown away, the sight also lists a full schedule of movies.


Melissa (My words and pages) said...

These are really neat. I didn't even see the 2 faces in the picture at first for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, then they popped out at me. Very Cool!

I liked the one for High Society with the ship in the martini glass, but really neat is The Big Heat with the face in the smoke. They all are done very nicely.


Krista said...

Hey, I love this poster, way cool and thanks for sharing!

Ryan said...

Glad you guys liked them. I was really impressed by the one for Guess Who's Coming for Dinner. The whole play on black and white was really impressive.