Sunday, July 6, 2014

Wordsmithonia Radio: My Top Ten Male Vocalists Of All Time

Now that I'm starting to feel better after my surgery on Wed., I'm feeling like I can actually sit down at the computer and write a blog post.  And it's just in time for me to share with you another Top Ten music post.

Last week, I shared with you my Top Ten Female Vocalists Of All Time, this week I'm doing the same thing for the guys.  This was a harder, and an easier list for me to do.  The hard part was really trying to come up with ten men who I love that much.  The easy part was that I really didn't need to narrow it down all that much.  So with no further ado, here are my ten favorite male vocalists of all time, in no particular order.

Michael Jackson

Rick Astley

Michael Buble

Mario Frangoulis

Patrizio Buanne


Kenny Rogers

Javier Colon

Lupe Fiasco

Duncan Sheik


Alexia561 said...

So glad to hear that you're feeling better Ryan! Thank you for introducing me to some new (to me) male vocalists! I don't think I could come up with ten favorites of either gender, so nice job!

Rich Mom, Rich Dad. Poor Mom, Poor Dad. said...

Glad you are on the upward mend!

I have to admit- I like Rick Astley but now I can't listen to him without giggling thanks to Rickroll. Oh and I have the same issue with "Yah Mo B There" by Michael McDonald (Damn you "40 Year Old Virgin"). I loooove Michael Buble and Kenny Rogers. I forgot about Duncan Sheik! MJ- sigh. I have a love hate relationship with him and with Prince. I have to go long periods without listening to them.

There are a few I am not familiar with and I like the videos you posted.

Another great list!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Yes Yes Yes to Michaael Jackson!

Angela's Anxious Life said...

I have to be honest.. some on your list surprised me. You picked top of ALL time?? Lupe Fiasco I would not put on all time. OK.. so now I need to make a list mine are in no particular order:

1. Michael Jackson
2. Bob Segar
3. Kenny Chesney
4. Steve Perry
5. Stephen Tyler
6. Usher
7. Rod Stewart
8. Michael Buble
9. Prince
10. Phil Collins

Jaheim gets a runner up

This was so fun to me!