Friday, May 16, 2014

In Search of a Story by Andrew Grey

Synopsis From Publisher:

He's searching for a story but finds so much more.

Brad Torrence is next on the chopping block at the newspaper where he works.  Hungry for any source he can find, he runs across an as in the classifieds: For Sale: Nursery Items, Never Used.  It's the lead he's been looking for.  Thinking a piece about the loss of a child will give him the edge he needs to keep his job, Brad follows up.  He doesn't expect a single man to answer. 

Rather than being offended, Cory Wolfe finds sharing the story of his grief and pain liberating.  He's even surprised by the spark that strikes, and one story leads to another. 

Brad Digs into his stories and Cory's life, eager to know everything about the man who's caught his attention.  But when a lead points him to the hospital where Cory works, he unearths a mystery that might have been safer left buried.  Brad's search for a story could prove deadly...

So I'm up to 423 electronic books on my Nook, and that's just since December.  And yes I've read them all, and yes all but 9 of them are gay romance novels.  I think it's going to take me a few years to review them all, and that's only if I stop reading new ones.  I have slowed down lately, so maybe by the time 2019 gets here, I will have all the reviews caught up and current.  I haven't counted the number of authors yet, but I'm pretty damn positive it's less than 100.  I've found myself gravitating towards certain authors, and one of those is Andrew Grey.  I can honestly say that he is my favorite author in this genre, I have read all his full length books, and I tend to buy the new ones within a few days of it coming out.

In Search of a Story was one of the first books of his that I read, and I have reread it since then, mainly to refresh my memory of the narrative flow.  I ended up liking it more the second time around, which is no small feat since I loved it the first time.  Andrew Grey has a gift when it comes to building his characters.  They are always well rounded, fully fleshed out constructs.  They aren't cookie cutter, so you couldn't take a couple out of one book, plop them in another, and have the story work.  Brad and Cory are two of the best examples of that talent.  They have fully formed personalities, with all the emotional complexity you expect from a talented writer.

But more than that, he has a way of taking completely ridiculous plot twists, and making them believable.  One of the aspects of romance that I've had such a hard time getting my head around, is how preposterous the plots can be.  There is always so much death and danger surrounding these couples that it's almost miraculous they can relax enough to fall in love, let alone have sex.  Andrew Grey doesn't seem to have that problem.  Sure there are plot twists that may not happen in real life, at least not in such a sequential manner, but since the characters are so strong, the plot works.

By the way, and I know I never talk enough about the actual book in these reviews, I loved the book.  Brad and Cory are adorable together.  Even when they are dealing with outside influences upon their relationship, you know they belong together.  I just need to go find a Brad or Cory for myself.


Michelle Stockard Miller said...

I'm impressed that you've read all the books on your Nook. I don't even want to talk about how many I have on my Kindle. Let's just say that my problem with print books has migrated to Kindle books as well. lol

You know, I've never read a male/male romance novel (I don't really read romance) and I've read very few books that have a male/male relationship. I'm not counting Anne Rice because they're vampires, but I guess it is technically male/male. ;) I agree with you about the preposterous plots though. I think I mentioned before that when I was in my preteens/early teens, I used to read Harlequin romances during summer vacation. That was the only time I read them. And talk about preposterous plots. Sometimes I think I'd like to pick one up again and see what I think now. I can just imagine.

I hope you find a Brad or Cory for yourself too. *hugs*

Mystica said...

I've also not read any romances of the male male kind. This one sounds interesting

The Reading Frenzy said...

Great review Ryan, my fingers are crossed that you find the guy of your dreams too. I don't read too many male/male romances but have enjoyed a few by mainstream authors JR Ward and Suzanne Brockman