Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Favorite Fictional Character --- Woody Woodpecker

You know those characters that annoy the hell out of you, but for some damn reason you still love them?  The annoyance factor can be anything; it can be how they handle a certain situation, the way they dress, some odd emotional tick that they have, or even something as simple as a laugh.  With this week's character, it's that last one that grates on my nerves.  Oddly enough, it's also the one characteristic that he is most know for, and the something I can find endearing at times.  I'm sure you all know the famous Woody Woodpecker laugh.  I'm not sure you could have grown up with television and not know it, but if for some bizarre reason you don't, I feel just a tad bit sorry for you.

Born in 1940, Woody Woodpecker has been entertaining folks for almost 75 years now.  He is one of those characters that almost everyone knows by sight, even if they have never sat through a cartoon, or heard him laugh.  He's in the league with Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, Bugs Bunny, and Mickey Mouse in that regard.  

He's not as popular as he once one, and I'm at a loss as to the reasons why.  First of all, he's hilarious.  He is one of those zany characters that can completely lose all composure at the drop of a dime.  He can be happy go lucky one moment, and insanely crazy the next.  He's the kind of guy that has popping eyeballs, manic body movement, and that left field laugh that creeps you out, and makes you smile at the same time.  He's also one of those characters that has no problem jumping into the middle of a zany situation.  He's ready for adventure at all times, and doesn't know how to say no to anything.  He's pure escapist fun, and if these times needs anything, it's that.

So I'm hoping that his 75th birthday next year will somehow bring a resurgence of the guy.  He's more than deserving, and I think the American public is ready to hear that laugh once again.



Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Ryan, as most of us did, I grew up on Woody Woodpecker comic books along with other cartoon characters from the Whitman, Harvey, and Disney stable. I haven't seen a Woody comic in years. He was one of the easiest cartoons to draw. I also miss Elmer Fudd with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, and Chip 'n' Dale. At least one can read and watch these comic books and animated films on the internet.

bermudaonion said...

I adore Woody Woodpecker and his laugh!

Anonymous said...