Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Tower Treasure by Franklin W. Dixon

When Frank and Joe Hardy are almost ran off the road by a speeding car, little do they know that it's just the beginning.  Being the sons of a famous private eye, mysteries are nothing new to the two boys.  They have just never tried to solve one on their own.  When the father of a friend is accused of stealing thousands in jewels, the boys are determined to find out the truth.  When it becomes clear that the speed demon who almost killed them is involved, everything comes full circle.

Unlike the Nancy Drew books, which I devoured as a kid, I never read all that many Hardy Boys mysteries.  I don't remember if it was because I didn't like them or if it had to do with the fact the library I used didn't have as many.  I'm thinking it's the former, because I don't see how I didn't like these as a kid.  Especially when I loved this book so much as an adult.

I had this one sitting around for a few weeks now, sitting unread.  I had already read the Nancy Drew book that I bought at the same time, but since I wasn't feeling the same sense of nostalgia, I wasn't in a hurry to read it.  The other night though, Father's Day actually, I was missing Aidan and none of the other books were keeping my attention.  I know him spending time with his great-grandparents for the summer is a great thing, but it takes me a while to get used to not having him around.  Anyway, I picked it up on the off chance it would do more for me, and it did.

It grabbed and held my attention from the start when the boys are forced off their motorcycles when a speeding car almost takes them out.  That is followed quickly by a stolen car, a holdup, stolen jewels and a crazy hobo.  What made it even better though was I knew two different things.  First, this book was aimed at young people so I knew that despite whatever action was taking place, nobody was in any actual danger.  Secondly, there are 58 books in the original series.  That means I have a lot of fun ahead of me.  I'll be waiting for Aidan to come home so I can sucker him into reading these with me.

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bookmagic said...

My brothers had a lot of these when I was growing up but I only read my Nancy Drew books. I think my mom still has them, I told her not to give them away ever. My one nephew read most one summer and really loved them

Simcha said...

I had downloaded this book from the library in order to read it to my son but sadly it expired before I had a chance to do so. I'll have to see if I could find a real copy for him since it sounds like a book he might enjoy.

Bev Hankins said...

I read the Hardy Boys any time I didn't have a Nancy Drew on hand. It also helped when the TV show was on....I had such a crush on Joe (Shaun Cassidy). The first one was always a favorite.

Staci said...

I loved this series too...and really enjoyed it when it came out on t.v. That's when my obsession with Shaun Cassidy came into play!LOL!!

Lydia said...

I adored these books. I poured over them for days (I have my dad's original editions). So much fun - and looking at that cover I remember exactly where I was when I was reading it - snuggled up in my waterbed lol