Monday, December 15, 2014

He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special - 1985

Synopsis From Back Cover:

When Orko accidentally winds up on Earth during the Christmas winter, he befriends two children who share stories of the goodwill and merriment that the holidays embrace.  When the finally return to Eternia, the holiday spirit is spread amongst the entire Royal Palace, but this overflowing goodwill attracts the unwelcome attention of Horde Prime and Skeletor.  Will the combined power of He-Man, She-Ra and the spirit of Christmas be enough to stop them.

I have to admit that when I came upon this little gem, some odd years ago, at Best Buy, I shrieked like a Justin Bieber fangirl.  I don't think you can be a true child of the 80s and not have a special place in your heart for He-Man and friends.  As cheesy and as ridiculous as the dialogue was, as juvenile as the names were, and as silly as the action was, the show was awesome.  He-Man is right up there with G.I. Joe, The Transformers, and Jem as far as 80s icons go.  So when they released the Christmas Special on DVD, I had to own it.

As you can imagine, the Christmas Special is even cheesier than a normal run of the mill show.  It's over the top in it's sentiment, and just a bit simple in it's story lines.  The twins, Adam and Adora, are getting ready to have their birthday celebration, and Orko has to go and mess it all up.  He climbs aboard the SkySpy, messes up the controls, and ends up on Earth.  By the time Man-at-Arms gets the spy plane back to Eternia, Orko has brought two kids along for the ride, and they in turn bring Christmas to Eternia.

The rest of the show involves Skeletor and Hordak, at the behest of Horde Prime, trying to kidnap the children to stop the spread of the Christmas Spirit.  The twins in their super secret identities of He-Man and She-Ra, do what they can to foible the evil plans, though in the end, it's Skeletor who comes to the rescue and saves the children.  And in true He-Man fashion they do it all in such a serious tone, that the action is made all that much funnier.

I have watched this every Christmas season since I bought it all those years ago.  It's a a sentimental piece of my childhood that I will never tire of, and every child of the 80s should own.

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Angela's Anxious Life said...

I just can't remember if I saw this as a kid or not. I mean... I of course was a HUGE He Man and She Ra fan. I just can't remember! Errrrrr. I miss all those Christmas specials that network TV used to show. My sister and I would tape them on VCR tape and then watch them every year. Now there is only Rudolph, Frosty, Santa Claus, and Charlie Brown. I didn't even see the Grinch shown this year. :(