Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wordsmithonia Radio, Hits the Sheets

Even though I've been celibate for almost 8 years now, and yes that does make me shudder just a bit, I still know what sex is.  While it may be little more than a fond memory, I'm pretty sure I remember how it's done. And if for some bizarre reason I have forgotten, there is the internet and what can be found on there, I won't bore you with the details.  But even more than that, artists have been singing about it since the beginning of time.  Some of the best songs ever made are about sex, and those that aren't, are normally good to have sex to, Enigma anyone, remember them.  Anyone of a certain age has had sex to one of their songs.

There are songs for that hard sweaty sex,the kind that involves a wall, the floor, and maybe the stairs. It's the kind that leaves you shaking for hours, and your mind incapable of thinking of anything else.  There are songs for the smooth, slow sex, the kind that last for hours upon hours, leaving you relaxed and sated.  Then there are the songs for the spontaneous quickie, when the mood strikes you both out of nowhere.  The playful kind, that has you laughing and smiling while your world is being rocked, there is a song for that as well.

Since sex is on my brain, or at least the lack of it, I though I would take some of that tension, and let you guys in on some of my favorite sex songs.


Angela's Anxious Life said...

Sex songs huh??? Well I have Let's Talk About Sex Salt and Peppa (though I don't like that song) and I Wanna Sex You Up by Color Me Badd. Those come to mind. Now for me the best CD to listen to is Jon B Cool Relax. That album was so amazing and that was back in my single days.

Prashant C. Trikannad said...

Ryan, I have never thought about sex songs. I mean I may have heard them without realising it. I have listened to songs by Sade, Marvin Gaye, and Enigma whose "Return to Innocence" is one of my favourite numbers. I haven't listened to anything new post-2000.

Lisa said...

Sex songs? Let's see if I can remember what we might have been listening to before kids. Back in the days when we could do that kind of thing where the stereo was!

Becca said...

Thank goodness you put Sade and Marvin Gaye on this list or I would've had to reach through the interwebs and smack ya. ;) No Barry White but that's okay.

Now, celibate for 8 years. I cannot fathom it. The longest I have gone since I started having sex at age 20 is six months. And I thought I might wither away and perish among the dead leaves of October, Hand to God. Of course, I didn't because that is ludicrous, but I respect that you have been able to do it for whatever your reasons are.