Sunday, March 30, 2014

An Intoxicating Crush by EM Lynley

Synopsis From Publisher:

Simon Ford's success is hard-won.  He grew up in Napa and resents the rich people who have moved into the valley, changing the culture by opening boutique wineries and pricing the locals out of the market.

Austin Kelvin runs an award-winning winery his father started after making a fortune on Wall Street.  He lives the posh lifestyle Simon resents but secretly longs to attain.  However, Austin's world isn't as luxurious and privileged as it seems.: he didn't inherit his father's business savvy, and his winery is going under.

When Simon's boss sends him to covertly scope out Kelvin Cellars for a possible takeover bid, Simon sees it as a step toward attaining his financial dreams.  Until he falls hard for Austin.  The feeling is mutual, but when Austin learns the real reason for Simon's initial interest, he suspects Simon's seduction is merely a means to procure the winery at a bargain price.  If there's any hope of winning Austin's heart, Simon will have to risk it all to prove Austin is more than just an intoxicating crush.

I'm really not sure what the hell is wrong with me, but I can't stop reading gay romance novels right now.  It seems to be this huge addiction I have, that no matter how many I read, it's never enough.  Let me put it this way, I would have to review a book a day for over a year, and I still wouldn't be done writing reviews for the books/novellas that I've already read.  It's ridiculous and I know, but I keep getting my grubby hands on more.  It's a good thing that it doesn't take that long to read them, even a 500+ page book on a NOOK is a piece of cake.

I have found that through all this reading, I'm developing the taste for certain authors, and for certain story lines.  I'm not a huge fan of anything paranormal, so werewolves and vampires are out.  I've read a few of them, but they don't really do anything for me.  I've found myself gravitating towards the hyper-masculine plot lines: cops, firemen, soldiers, cowboys, ranchers, and various other "manly" stereotypes.  I also like stories that feature a normal every day couple, if they happen to be rich and have killer bodies, as they face the trials and tribulations that only a romance author can dream up.

EM Lynley is one of those authors that I seem to enjoy, not as much as a few others, but more than most.   The characters, like Austin and Simon, seem to be grounded in reality and not an idolized version of what a gay man is supposed to be, even if they are incredibly gorgeous and rock the perfect body.  It's the emotions behind the couple that seems to feel the most real for me with these two characters.  Their insecurities shine through as much as their virtues.  They are both complex men who find solace and love with each other, something that I'm still looking for in my own life.   Which might explain my addiction to romance lately.  I've taken myself out of the dating pool for so long, that now I'm starting to think it's time to dip my toes into the water again.

That's not to say that reading romance is going to give me the best outlook for such an endeavor. Life isn't a romance novel.  As much as I would love to meet a guy like Austin, I'm not holding my breath.  And at my age, while I'm not willing to settle, I know that happily ever after is a little more work than the brilliant endings the typical romance book personifies it to be.

I guess you want to know about the book though, not my odd ramblings you have been treated to so far.  Simon and Austin are the kind of guys that I could be friends with, they seem to be a little bit more laid back and well grounded that a lot of the heroes I been reading about lately.  They are at the same place in life, even if it doesn't appear to be at first.  Austin looks as if he has everything, while Simon is doing everything he can to get everything.  In reality all they are both looking for is a happy home and someone to share it with.  They find it in each other, and even when it appears as if the obstacles in their way are insurmountable, it's obvious that the foundation to recover is already established, and that there is really nothing to worry about.


Blodeuedd said...

Sounds good enough :)

Nise' said...

I chuckled over your addiction and having to write a review a day for a year. I've been on a new adult/young adult/romance kick lately too, they are quick easy, satisfying reads that help ease my stress over my pregnant daughter. She is having a great pregnancy, but for some reason I am a wreck.

Tasha Brandstatter said...

Dontcha just love genre kicks? :)

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Romance novels and real life. The stuff of opposites. LOL Still they are fun and I should check out this author.

Carol said...

Read what you enjoy, right? My husband says he can tell what kind of books I'm reading, based on my mood. An enjoyable romance puts me in a better overall mood than some of the other genres.