Saturday, March 12, 2016

Updated Blogger Profile Image

I made a change!  For those of you who have been with me over the years, you've noticed that I've been using the same Blogger image since the beginning.  I've never shown a picture of myself on here, at least not an adult me.  Let's just say, I've always been a bit camera shy, never thinking I look all that great in pictures, so when I could, I hid behind another image.  For Blogger, and pretty much every other social media account I have, I have used an image of Doctor Strange, my favorite superhero of all time.   It was only a few years ago that I started to actually use my own image on Facebook, and even then, not all the time.

I've decided to step out of my box a little bit more, and use an image of myself on here.  It's also going to be the image I use for Discuss and Twitter as well.  It's from almost two years ago now, and I don't think I look to bad in it.  I like that there is no close up of my face. 

So no more Doctor Strange.  It feels weird changing something so simple after so long, but change is good, right? 


Ryan said...

Angelas Anxious Life • 14 hours ago
Honestly... one of the ways I "found you" was through the Doctor Strange image since you were using it on all social media. I'll miss it, but you look pretty good too. :)

Ryan Mod Angelas Anxious Life • 39 minutes ago
That was part of the reason I hadn't changed it for so long, but I felt it was time. And thank

Alexia561 said...

Change is always good! I'm camera shy too and not quite ready for my close-up, but maybe some day....

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

great picture Ryan. I posted my pic for 2016 as well on my blog (well half my face anyways) - it's a start. Happy New year