Monday, March 21, 2016

Say Goodbye to Disqus

A month or two before I took my blog hiatus last year, I had switched the commenting over to Disqus.  I had tried it once before, but it was a nightmare.  But I was willing to give it another go, when a year later I saw other bloggers using it, with no problems.  I really didn't blog much once I switched it over, so I'm not really sure how well it was working.  Since I've been back, and It's only been three posts so far, I'm finding I really don't like it.  I was never fond of the way it loaded, but I liked the direct reply option that it offered.  Today, I noticed that quite a few comments were missing, just on the new posts, and since I was thinking of letting it go anyway, I did.  I tried to copy/paste as many of the comments I could, but I'm sure I missed some, and for that I'm sorry.  So I'm back to using Blogger's commenting system, and while I wish they had a direct reply option, other than email, I prefer the pop up window anyway.  


bermudaonion said...

Yay! Bloggers commenting system works better for me.

Lisa said...

Well it's never any good to lose comments - we work hard enough for them as it is!

carol said...

I'm not a fan of Disqus. I've never tried using it on my blog, but it annoys me on others.