Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Favorite Fictional Character --- Ianto Jones

If there is a theme going on this month, it appears to be scifi characters, which is odd since I don't enjoy scifi all that much.  I think the fact that the first two characters this month, Steve Jinks and Ianto Jones. are gay or bisexual, happens to be more of a coincidence than anything else.  I think what the two of them really have in common is that while they aren't the main characters of the shows they were in, they tend to act as the heart of the show.  They are the truly good guys, the ones that can be counted on to be there when they are needed, in any capacity.

When we first met Ianto, he was the quiet guy in the shadows of Torchwood.  He was the public face, and the guy who brought the tea, but that's about it.  After a while his presence starts to push further and further into the forefront.  He is there when he is needed, and in any capacity that he is required to fulfill.  The fact that he has a huge secret, involving an ex-girlfriend, comes out later.  And even though Ianto made a huge mistake in that regard, he is quickly forgiven, and sets out to prove himself all over again.  But even in that mistake, his reasoning and his emotions make him all that much more relatable, identifiably human.

As the show progresses, so does his involvement in the field, and the danger he is placed in.  The other development, the one I did not see coming, was his growing relationship with Captain Jack Harkness.  At first, it appears to be more about the sex, as far as Jack is concerned anyway.  I think Ianto had his heart in in from the beginning, he just doesn't seem to be that much of a casual relationship kind of guy.  But over the course of their relationship, I think it got to be more about love on both of their parts.  You could see the emotions in the way they talked, interacted, and touched each other. And I know by the end, when Ianto is killed, that Jack really did love him, even if he never said it.  

Watching their relationship grow, was akin to watching Ianto's role in Torchwood grown.  It seemed that as his relationship with Jack solidified and grew more certain, that his confidence grew as well.  He became more assertive, and more willing to put himself out their, not just for the team, but for his own benefit as well.  He was a fascinating character to watch, and one that was killed off to soon.  I'm not ashamed to admit it, but when he died, I felt real emotion, and some of my love for the show died with him.

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Irene McKenna said...

I was sad when Captain Jack left Doctor Who. I remember reading that Russell Davies created the character to properly introduce bisexuality to the British public -- I thought that was interesting. Anyhoo -- I liked the character a lot; that guy had flair. :-)

I started Torchwood but didn't continue -- I don't remember why. You've piqued my interest in giving it another go.