Sunday, March 16, 2014

Steamroller by Mary Calmes

Synopsis From Publisher:

About the last thing Vincent Wade expected was for Carson Cress to ask him out.  Vince is a dedicated biology student and a bit of a loner.  Superstar quarterback Carson is larger than life, and he lives under a public microscope.  There's no way they should work.  But Vince is learning that sometimes people just come steamrolling into your life and all you can do is hang on for the ride or lose your heart in the process.  If their relationship can survive the fallout when a injury derails Carson's future plans, maybe Vince can finally find something to believe in.

For those of you who I'm not friends with on Facebook, shame on you.  Why haven't you friended me yet, it sort of hurts my feelings.  Cause if we had been friends on FB, you would know that I finally broke down and bought a Nook HD on Black Friday.  When I first got it, I thought I would just download free, out of print books that I've been wanting to read for a while now.  While I may have downloaded a few Mary Roberts Rinehart books, that plan quickly went out the window.  Instead I've been gorging myself on gay romance novels, like all you can eat buffet kind of gorging.  I'm not going to tell you have many I've already read, I'm rather embarrassed by it, but I am going to randomly pick one to review every once in a while.

First up on the block is Steamroller by Mary Calmes.  This wasn't the first book by her that I read, I had actually read a four book series by her first, and I fell in love with her writing style.  I know that when you are reading a romance book, the characters are put into situations that are sometimes so over the top, that it's hard to buy into the story line, and that can make it hard to buy into the romance.   Mary Calmes is one of those authors that I've found myself relaxing with, and just enjoying the story for what it is.  She somehow makes me completely buy into her books, which means I'm utterly enraptured with her characters and their story.

I loved Vince and Carson, despite their differences the chemistry between them felt genuine, and at times I found myself just a tad bit jealous.  They didn't go for the happy ending right away, and there doubts and challenges that had to be faced, but they faced them in a real way, and had me rooting for them the entire time.  I'm actually hoping that she writes a sequel to this one, as it's obvious they have a lot more story left to be told.


Mystica said...

Congratulations on the Nook!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I love finding books like that especially ones where you enjoy the author already! Congrats on the Nook and e-mail me your FB addy. :) I'm not on there everyday, but I could always use more friends! :)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I've not been on Facebook. So it's awesome to hear you picked up a Nook! Welcome to the club. :D And enjoy it. There are lots to get that you will have it filled up with books before you know...*eyes Nook* I'm waiting for mine to explode from all I have on it. ;)

And so glad you are enjoying the reads. :)

Yvette said...

Hi Ryan, sorry I haven't been around on the blog. I somehow thought you weren't blogging anymore (don't ask - it involves confusion on my part). At any rate, here I am and just in time to congratulate you on the Nook. I'm seriously thinking of buying one or a Kindle sometime in the near future. What made you decide on the Nook????
Details please.

I love a good gay romance. I read them every now and then just for a change of pace. Between mysteries and 'literature' and non-fiction, a little romance doesn't hurt. :)

I picked up a couple of R.D. Zimmerman's mysteries featuring gay detective Todd Mills - they're available really cheap for my online reading. Yeah, I'm still using my screen for reading. Don't like it much but things may change soon.